The Potential Payment Issues report shows any preventative care plans with a monthly configuration that will not have a payment collected in the future because of an issue. This includes plans with payments manually marked paid, payments without an associated payment profile, payments not set to automatically charge in the selected month, plans on hold, plans caught in the change plan process, plans with expired cards, plans associated with payment profiles in which the account had been closed or flagged as needed attention, plans with a client ID that does not match the client ID listed within the payment profile, etc.

  • The top portion of the page displays the number of records with a potential issue and gives administrators an option of exporting the report to a PDF or exporting it to a .csv file to view in a spreadsheet.
  • If a plan has a status indicating the plan is changing, complete the change plan process to set the plan to in progress and continue collecting payments and allowing item usages.
  • If a payment shows the client ID does not match the client ID listed on the payment profile, contact the Petly Health Plan Management Support Department for assistance.
  1. Place the mouse pointer over the Menu and select Reports > Potential Payment Issues. The Potential Payment Issues page appears.
  2. From the month list, select which future month’s potential payment issues to view.
  3. From the year list, select which year’s potential payment issues to view.
  4. Click the Generate Report button to display information for the selected month and year.
  5. When finished, click the Choose Another Month button to return to the Potential Payment Issues page.