We recommend developing a schedule of tasks to perform on a monthly basis.

1st week of the month

1. Follow the pre-draft steps from the Payment Verification Checklist.

a. Check credit card expiration dates.

b. Check active plans with deceased pets.

c. Review the Potential Payments Issues Report to address errors that might be unknown.

2. Verify Healthcare Agreement storage.

a. Print the New Plans by Month report for the previous month and verify all signed contracts are accounted for in the secure locked filing cabinet. Also, verify a copy of the account information is attached, the documents are signed and complete, and each page is initialed by the client.

b. Print the Canceled Plans by Month report for the previous month and remove those contacts from the active healthcare agreements, attach a copy of the cancelled plan’s Plan Activity Statement and store alphabetically in a separate file.

3. Verify the payments with returned transactions have been addressed using the Outstanding Payments report.

a. For clients that have paid, remove the plan hold.

b. If any payments are still outstanding, reprocess through the application.

15th - 18th of the month

Follow the steps in the pre-draft section of the Payment Verification Checklist. It is very important to follow this checklist every month prior to processing monthly drafts. 

1. Check credit card expiration dates again. If any are still not updated, put the plan on hold to avoid any gateway and return fees. These will not be processed on the monthly recurring draft but will still be eligible for monthly dues. Do not leave plans on hold for extended periods of time.

2. Run the Active Plans with Deceased Pets report and cancel any plans listed.

3. Remove all Plans on Hold that you want to process as part of the recurring monthly draft.

4. Review the Potential Payment Issues Report to verify there are no issues and all payments are ready for the monthly draft.

22nd - 28th of the month

1. Follow the steps listed in the post-draft section of the Payment Verification Checklist.

2. Review payments that were returned or declined. Credit cards will be returned within 2 days; E-check can take up to 7 days to clear.

a. If there is an issue, contact clients by phone to discuss the issue as soon as you are given notice.

b. If you do not hear back in 3 days, send out an email or letter.

c. If you do not hear back in 10 days, reprocess the payment and add a supplemental payment to cover any fees the practice incurs.