Each staff member must be set up with a user name and password to access the IDEXX Petly Plans application. This log in information is used to track user activity and set security access to key areas. Below are the available security levels and what each role has access to within the application.

Access to

  • View the Dashboard
  • Perform a search
  • View clients and pets
  • Perform a quick sync
  • Add a plan with limited options and without the ability to skip adding a payment method without permission
  • View plan information including items, usage history, payments, fees and notes
  • Select an item for usage
  • Add notes
  • Print a healthcare agreement
  • Update own user profile
  • Staff security access
  • Most reports
  • Mark a plan paid in full, waive the initial fee, skip adding a payment method, or not electronically charging the client the initial payment when adding a plan.
  • Mark an existing renewal plan paid in full and vice versa
  • Add payment profiles
  • Change plans
  • Cancel plans
  • Manually configure renewals
  • Activate renewal plans
  • Put plans on hold and remove holds
  • Choose a different payment method
  • Mark a payment paid externally
  • Manager security access
  • Access all reports
  • Access administrative tools
  • Access performance monitoring tools
  • Manage and delete payment profiles
  • Merge a client record
  • Merge a pet record
  • Manage and delete items
  • Delete usage history
  • Deselect the Auto Charge option in the Payments tab
  • Create a supplemental payment
  • Charge payments and charge remaining payments
  • Edit or delete notes
  • View the activity log

As an administrator, you have the ability to set up and manage each user account from the View All Users page (Menu > Admin > Users).

This page displays each user currently set up in alphabetical order by user name.

Columns include:


The unique name used to log in to the application.

Display Name
The name the displays throughout the application once logged in.
The security access level of the user.
Last Login
The date and time of the last successful log in.
Password Changed
The date and time of the last password change.
Failed Login Attempts
The number of failed login attempts in the last two days.>
An indicator as to whether or not the user is locked out of the application
The picture to display within the application for the user.
Choose to:
  • Edit user information
  • Manage the performance actions of the user
  • Lock the user out of the application (or unlock a user account to gain access if locked out)
  • Delete a user account.

There are also several functions available to administrators within this window.

View All Users page options:

Add a user account to the application.
Edit link
Change information for an existing user account.
Manage Performance link
Monitor plan points earned and goals set for the user account
Lock link

Deny access to the application.

Unlock link
Allow access to the application.

Permanently remove a user account.