If a client signs up for a preventive care plan and the payment is processed through the Petly Plans application, but then the client changes his or her mind, you can void the transaction within your practice's Authorize.Net account if it is on the SAME DAY by doing the following:

  1. Sign In to www.Authorize.Net
  2. Go to the merchant section
  3. Enter login ID & password
  4. Under Tools, select Customer Information Manager
  5. Select the drop down that states “Select One”
  6. Select “Description”
  7. To the right, type in the client's last name and search
  8. Locate and select the profile ID associated with the client's name
  9. Select View History
  10. Review Transaction History
  11. Identify and Select the associated Transaction ID that you need to void or refund
  12. Select void or refund and follow the prompts to complete.


Voids can only be performed on the SAME DAY the charge was initiated. Voids usually take 24-48 hours for the hold to be released from a customer’s account.

If a transaction is voided, the voided transaction will be updated within the Petly Plans application after the nightly sync.

It is important to note that when a transaction is voided the authorization remains. The preauthorized amount reserved against the credit limit of the customer's card will remain for a predefined period of time until it is expired by the card-issuer. This time period varies with all card-issuing banks and you will need to contact them directly to find out what their hold times are.

Even though the customer has not actually made a purchase with his credit card, future transactions may be declined because the credit limit may have been reached. Merchants should be aware that normal transaction fees apply for all resubmitted transactions.

Authorize.Net CANNOT remove existing authorizations that are held on the customer's credit card. However, you can contact the card issuing bank with your merchant number and the authorization code to request that they remove the funds that are on hold. You can retrieve the authorization code by viewing the details associated with the transaction.


Credit Card Refunds can be done within 120 days of the initial transaction. Refunds usually take 3-5 business days to be returned to the client.

However, eCheck refunds require available funds in order to approve a refund amount. Meaning, if the hospital does not currently have other eCheck transactions pending to cover the refund amount or funds set to be deposited into the hospital banking account the refund request will be declined.