If you do not wish to use Petly Plans to collect past unpaid payments after the plan has been cancelled, all unpaid payments must be manually cancelled. As long as an outstanding payment remains unpaid within the software, the plan will still be eligible for the IDEXX monthly plan fee charged to your hospital on or around the 5th of every month.

How to manually cancel payments:

  1. Within the Client Summary Page, verify the correct pet and preventative care plan display.
  2. Click the PAYMENTS tab.
  3. Click the Cancel link to the far right of the unpaid payment to remove. A Cancel Payment dialog box appears.
  4. From the Cancel Payment drop-down list, select the reason the payment is being removed. Options include Error, Payment Default, No Payment Due and Other.
  5. Optional: In the Notes box, type any information staff should be aware of about the cancelled payment.
  6. Click Cancel Payment. The payment status for the unpaid payment is changed to Cancelled.