A user activation email is sent the first time an email address is used to request support.

  1. To activate a Petly Plans Help Desk account, log in to the email account that sent the request.
  2. Search for and access the Petly Plans user activation email.
  3. Click the URL listed in the email. The help desk displays an Activate your account dialog box.
  4. The Full Name field displays the name recorded on the associated support request ticket. If necessary, type a different name.
  5. Note: The You will be signing in with field displays the email address to use when logging in to the Petly Plans Help Desk.
  6. In the Set your password field, type the password to use when logging in.
  7. In the Password confirmation field, type this same password.
  8. Click the Activate button.

f the activation email is not available:

  1. Access the Help Desk from the Petly Plans application.
  2. Click the Login option.
  3. Enter the appropriate email address.
  4. Click the forgot your password? link to display the Forgot password page.
  5. Type your email address in the field provided.
  6. Click the Reset my password button. A Reset Password email will be sent to that address.
  7. Follow the instructions.