For in progress plans, an administrator can use the admin function within the Items tab of the Client Summary Page to manually deplete the quantity of an item up to 90 days prior to its start date through its end date including the date it was used and a comment that displays next the usage within the Usage History tab.

  1. Within the Client Summary Page, verify the correct pet and preventative care plan display.
  2. Select the ITEMS tab if necessary.
  3. Click the admin link to the right of the item to expand the list of administrative options.
  4. If needed, click in the Usage Date field to enter the date on which the item was actually used by either typing the date or selecting it from a calendar.
  5. In the Quantity field, type the number of the item used on that date.
  6. In the Comment field, type a reason for the adjustment.
  7. Click the Mark Usage button. The Client Summary Page refreshes, collapses the admin list and updates the quantity.