The onboarding wizard will assist a practice administrator set up and customize the practice’s Petly Plans application.

Exploring the Wizard

The Onboarding Wizard is used to set up plan templates, assist in identifying which WP items to use with Petly Plans, choose and verify pricing of WP items, set up the chosen WP items and enter pricing and healthcare agreement information.

There is a Setup link in the upper right area of the application that shows progress through the wizard. The numbers to the right are associated with each step. When a step is completed, a check mark displays to the right of the page number. If a user moves to a previous step, the checkmark is removed from the current step. When an administrator exits the wizard, this link can be used to re-enter the wizard if needed.

For each page in the wizard, there are instructions that display in a yellow bar at the at the top of the page. There is also a Help button available, which can be used to open content-specific help in a separate tab on the browser.

In the lower left area of each page is a Back button that can be used to move to the previous step in the wizard. The progress bar on the bottom center indicates where the administrator is in the process. The button on the bottom right is used to move to the next step in the wizard. If available, use the bottom scroll bar to move a page left or right and the right scroll bar to move a page up or down.

Entering and Exiting

An administrator must log in to the practice’s unique Petly Plans application to access the onboarding wizard and can exit at any time by choosing a menu option within the application or logging out.

To access the wizard again, an administrator must log back in to the Petly Plans application to display the last page on which there was activity within the wizard or, if still logged in, place the mouse pointer over the Setup menu in the upper right area of the application and choose the page to display from the list provided. The Setup link will continue to appear until the wizard has been completed.

To enter the wizard

  1. Open a Firefox Mozilla® or Google Chrome web browser and type the practice’s unique Petly Plans URL in the address bar. The practice’s Petly Plans login page appears.
  2. In the Username box, type the unique administrator user name to access the onboarding wizard.
  3. In the Password box, type the administrator password.
  4. Click Login. The application displays the last page of the onboarding wizard from which the administrator exited.

Note: If already logged in to the application, use the Setup menu in the upper right area, if needed, to navigate to the last page visited or any previous page in the wizard.

To exit the wizard

  1. From the menu , select Dashboard

  • To log out of the Petly Plans application, from the user menu, select Logout.
  • If all steps of the wizard have been completed, the application will automatically display the Dashboard when logging in.