The Choose Plan Items page displays the WP items imported from the practice management.  All WP items are selected by default to indicate each will be used as part of the Petly Plans wellness program. This page gives practice administrators an opportunity to verify pricing before moving to the next step.

The table shows the number of records displayed out of the total number available in the upper left area. An administrator can search for a specific WP item by using the Search box in the upper right area of the table and choose the Show all selected items check box to display only items that have been checked on the list. 

To choose items to use on plans

  1. If needed, search for the item(s) to include with the Petly Plans wellness program.
  2. Select the check box to the far left of the line item.
  3. If needed, clear a check box to the left of a line item to exclude it from use with plan templates.
  4. When all plan items have been selected and item prices have been verified, click Next Step.