The Configure Plan Items page is used to set up WP items and assign each to the appropriate template(s).

The table on the left shows the total number of plan items selected on the previous page and the item ID, description and unit price imported from the practice management software (PiMS) of each. Use the Add/Remove Items link in the upper right area of this table to move back to the Choose Plan Items page if an item(s) needs to be added or removed from this list of plan items.

The right area of the page is used to configure each WP item. The banner at the top displays the item ID, description, unit price and type imported from the PIMS for the selected WP item. 

The Complete check box indicates whether or not the selected item’s configuration is finalized. If selected, a checkmark will display to the left of the WP item to easily identify it as having been configured. The Next Item button is used to move to the next item on the list.

Use the Item Options area to indicate whether or not the quantity available for use on wellness plans should be unlimited and/or if the item should be associated with a specific sex. Some examples of items that may be unlimited include nail trims, co-pay exams and technician office visits. 

An administrator can specify the dollar amount to charge for the item when cancelling a plan if different from the price imported from the PiMS, indicate whether or not the item’s usage will be synchronized and updated nightly and whether or not the item should be included on future renewal plans. An example of an item that might not need to be synchronized is one associated with the initial membership fee or first month’s payment. An item that would not be included on a renewal plan would be a neuter or spay. 

It is also possible to assign the item to a usage group. For example, if this is an x-ray item it may be assigned to the Radiographs group. Then, if this item and other items assigned to the Radiographs group are added to a plan and one used, the other items in the group are marked used as well.

The Instructions box will alert staff to any usage rules that apply to the item. For example, with spays/neuters it may be required the pet be less than seven months of age to use the service.

The Add Item to Plan Templates area is used to identify the template(s) to which the selected item should be associated. A checkmark in a Base item check box indicates the item will be included in all plans associated with the corresponding template. If usage is limited, the quantity box indicates the number of the item allowed with plans. A checkmark in an Optional items check box indicates the item is an elective item for the associated template and can potentially be added to a plan, for an additional fee, based on pet needs.

To configure plan items

1. Verify the item to configure is selected in the Plan Items table on the left.

2. In the Item Options area, do the following:

a. From the Unlimited Usage options, select Yes if there is no limit to the number of this item offered with plans or No if a specific quantity is offered.

b. From the Sex options, select Any if any pet can use this item, Male if this item only applies to males or Female if it only applies to females.

c. In the True Value box, type the price to charge for one unit of the item when cancelling a plan if different from the dollar amount imported from the PiMS.

d. From the Sync Usage drop-down list, select Yes if the item usage will be updated during synchronization or No if the item usage will not be updated during synchronization.

e. From the Include on Renewal Plans drop-down list, select Yes if the item will be added to renewal plans or No if it will not be included on renewal plans.

f. From the Usage Group drop-down list, select the category to which this item should be associated.

g. In the Instructions box, type any guidelines for item usage.

3. In the Add Item to Plan Templates area, do the following for each applicable template:

a. Select the Base Item check box if the item should always be included with this type of plan or select the Optional Item check box if the item may potentially be included with this type of plan at an additional cost. 

Note: Select the All check box above the base items column to indicate the item should be included on all templates or select the All check box above the optional item column to indicate the item should be included an optional item on all templates.

b. In the quantity box, if available, enter the quantity offered with this type of plan.

4. Select the Complete check box to indicate the item’s configuration is complete. A check mark is place to the left of the line item in the Plan Items table on the left.

5. Click Next Item to move to the next WP item on the list.

6. Continue setting up each WP item.

7. When finished, click Next Step.


When you're not in the Onboarding Wizard, you can manage WP items and templates within the Menu option's Admin submenu.