The Plan Pricing & HCA page is used to specify the monthly fee to charge clients for the use of the selected plan and to enter the standard information to print on each plan’s healthcare agreement.

The Templates table on the left displays the total number of templates set up within Petly Plans. It also includes the abbreviation, name and species of each template for easy identification. The right side of the page displays pricing options and healthcare agreement information for the selected template.

The blue banner across the top includes the abbreviated version of the plan title, the plan title, the species associated with this plan and the plan to which to renew to once a plan of the selected type is completed.

The Complete check box indicates whether or not the selected template’s pricing and healthcare agreement information is finalized. If selected, a check mark will display to the left of the template name listed in the table on the left. The Next Template button is used to move to the next template on that list.

The Base Items information on the far right includes the total number of items selected in the previous step for the chosen template. It also includes a table with the item ID, description and price imported from the PiMS and the quantity set in the previous step. If an item is unlimited, an infinity symbol displays instead. A checkmark to the left of a line item indicates it is included in the total annual value listed within the Plan Pricing area. If an item should not be included in this total, remove the checkmark from the check box to the left of the item. 

The Plan Pricing area includes a Total Annual Value box to indicate the total price of items that are included with this plan. This dollar amount does not include unlimited items or any item without a checkmark to the left of it in the Base Items table. Below this is the base monthly fee for this type of plan, the one-time initial fee for newly enrolled members and the non-plan item discount percent that applies to any eligible non-wellness plan item(s) added to the invoice and paid for the day of service.


The Healthcare Agreement Additions section is used to enter information and restrictions to print on any healthcare agreement associated with the selected type of plan. The details entered here display in this same format when viewing an agreement for a pet. There are four boxes available with default information listed. This information can be changed. Each has a title and area for entering details that can be bolded or put into a bulleted list. There is also one Restrictions box to indicate any limitations for this plan type.

To update plan pricing and HCA information

1. Within the Templates table on the left, select the template for which to update plan pricing and healthcare agreement information. Items associated with the template display in the Base Items table on the far right.

2. If necessary, in the Base Items table, clean the checkmark to the left of each line item to exclude from the total annual plan value dollar amount.

3. In the Plan Pricing area, do the following:

a. In the Month Fee box, type the minimum monthly fee to charge clients for this type of plan.

b. In the Initial Fee box, type the one-time membership fee to charge for this type of plan. 

c. In the Non-Plan Item Discount box, type a number to indicate the percent to mark down eligible non-wellness plan items added during invoicing.

4. If necessary, in the Healthcare Agreement Additions area, do the following:

a. In the first Title box, type a general description for the kind of information being entered below.

b. In the first Content box, type information to print in the first details area of the healthcare agreement for associated plans.

        Note: Use the Bold option to emphasize any highlighted text and/or the Bulleted Listoption to create a bulleted list.

c. Continue entering information in each title and content box as needed.

d. In the Restrictions box, type any limitations that apply to this type of plan.

5. Select the Complete check box to indicate the template pricing and HCA information have been finalized. A checkmark appears to the left of the template name within the Templates table.

6. Click Next Template to move to the next template on the list.

7. Continue setting prices and entering HCA information for each template.

8. When finished, click Complete Setup. A congratulations window appears.