At this point it is necessary to enter the WP items identified in the previous step in the practice management software (PIMS). Petly Plans requires a minimum of fifteen WP items be entered in the PIMS before moving to the next step.

Use the View Training Resources button to open the Administrator Training section of the Petly Plans Helpdesk in a separate tab on the browser. Here you will find information for setting up WP items in your PIMS.

To create WP Items

  1. Enter a minimum of fifteen active WP items in the practice management software.
  2. Click Go to Next Step. The Petly Plans software will import the WP items from the PIMS and then display the Choose Plan Items page.


  • If a minimum of fifteen active WP items are not synchronized, you will be alerted and the software will return to the Create WP Items page.
  • If the application cannot synchronize with the PIMS, you will be alerted to contact Petly Plans support for assistance.