Use this step by step guide to help you make changes to an existing plan.

Once you’re logged into the Petly* Plans software and are on the client summary page, follow these easy steps to update a plan and make sure pets are receiving the best care regardless of their life stage.

Note: Only staff members with Manager or Admin permission levels can perform a plan change.

  1. Select and verify the correct pet and preventive care plan.
    • On the Client Summary page, click Plan Administration to display a list of administrator options; a drop-down list appears.
    • Click Change Plan to open the change plan window.

  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click the green button for the current plan (e.g., Kitten Gold) to make changes to the current plan type.
    • Click Different Plan Type to choose a different type of plan for the pet.
      Note: We strongly recommend you select the Apply cost difference to future monthly payment check box. This ensures the entire balance due is divided evenly over the remaining months. If you do not check this box, you will be required to manually calculate and collect additional fees in clinic or by creating and charging a supplemental payment.
      A warning message will appear. Once you click Continue, the plan change cannot be canceled. Once the change is confirmed, the plan cannot be reverted to its original state. You must proceed with the plan change.
    • Click Continue with Plan Change to alter the plan.

  3. If you are changing the plan and you clicked Different Plan Type:
    The Choose a Wellness Plan page appears; select the new plan type.
    • To view items in each plan, click Base Items; a high-level list of each plan expands for easy comparison.
    • Review the items in each plan and choose the one which most closely meets the pet’s needs.
      Note: In the next step, you will be able to add services to the plan.
    • Click the green button that corresponds with the plan you want.
    • Click Options to alter the plan.

  4. If you are only adding services to the current plan and you clicked Current Plan:
    The Add Additional Items page appears.
    • Add additional services the pet requires and verify the quantity of items is correct.
    • Click + Add to include an additional service. Once clicked, the service appears in Added Items, and the cost is calculated into the fees above the plan overview.
    • If you accidentally add a service, you can easily remove it by clicking x Remove.
    • Once you have reviewed the plan, and it is complete, click Options.

  5. Optional: Add notes.
    • In the Notes field, type any additional information needed to make staff aware of the changed/new plan.
      Note: Regardless of changes made to this plan, the original plan start date will not change
    • Click Review.

  6. Review and complete the plan change.
    • Review each section to ensure accuracy and to ensure the pet owner understands the plan and payment details. All added items appear at the bottom of this page.
    • Once you have reviewed this section, click Complete Plan Change
    • A Plan Change confirmation appears.
      If you are using the Performance Tracking feature, an Assign Points area displays the number of points a staff member can earn for a plan change.

  7. Assigning credit for a plan change.
    • Click in the Select a staff member field, and then select the staff member who will get credit for this plan change, or leave the field blank if no one will get credit.
    • Click Complete Plan Change to alter the plan.
      IMPORTANT: If you do not complete the plan change process, the plan will be left in plan change mode. This means item usage will not synchronize, and no payments will draft.

  8. Optional: Print the agreement.
    • Click the Healthcare Agreement PDF to display the updated healthcare agreement.
      • Print the agreement and close the tab to return to the Client Summary Page.

  9. Finish.
    Click the Close button to exit the window and view the changed plan for the pet.