You asked and we listened: Built-in training to simplify your experience with Petly Plans

You’re busy and need answers quickly. Now the tools and answers you need are right at your fingertips, with new built-in training to walk you through some of the most important tasks in Petly Plans. No more phone calls or searching the Helpdesk—just click Help Me at the top of any page to view:

  1. Real-time, step-by-step instruction on:
    • Enrolling a pet in a plan
    • Updating a pet’s in-progress plan
    • Updating pet owner’s payment information
    • Canceling a pet’s plan

  2. Tutorial videos that provide task training and refreshers before actively using Petly Plans.
  3. Built-in Helpdesk searches that link to articles and videos
    • This is available from any page within Petly Plans, and enables you to search the Helpdesk - Getting answers to your questions is as simple as clicking Help Me and typing a keyword in the search box.

Whether you’re training new staff or existing staff needs a refresher, these tools and videos are a great starting point.

Where to find the walkthroughs 

The next time you log in to Petly Plans, you’ll see a welcome video and links to the walkthroughs. Access the tools any time by clicking Help Me at top of any page.

And regardless of when you bring new staff on, anytime a user logs in to Petly Plans for the first time, they’ll see the welcome video and links to the walkthroughs—helping them learn Petly Plans on their own.

And we aren’t stopping there!

Additional walkthroughs and features will be added regularly as part of our ongoing product development. Soon, your staff will only see videos and walkthroughs applicable to their role.

Stay tuned, because as enhancements are made you’ll see them in Help Me, and we’ll announce them here and in the monthly newsletter.

A helpful tip

  • The overview window will show once a day unless you click “Don’t show me again.”

We hope this resource is helpful!

*As of March 16, 2017