When a pet ID is changed in the practice management software, Petly Plans creates a new account. 

The Pet Merge tool allows a practice administrator to merge an old pet account to a new account under the same client. Petly Plans moves the plan information to the new account and inactivates the old account.


Note: The pet account merging to cannot have any plan history associated with it, must be of the same species as the pet merging from and must be active under the same client account.

To merge a pet:

  1. Log in to Petly Plans as an administrator.
  2. Type the pet name or ID of the old account. As you type, results narrow to information that matches the text entered.
  3. Do one of the following:
  4. If the pet has a plan, click the view link to the right of the pet name.
  5. If the pet does not have a plan, click the client name to the left of the pet information.
  6. If needed, within the Client Summary Page, select the old pet account that will be merged with the new account.
  7. Click Merge Pet. A MERGE PET modal appears.
  8. Select the new pet account in the list provided.
  9. Click MERGE.
  10. Verify information is accurate.
  11. Click CONFIRM. The old pet account is inactivated and the Client Summary Page shows the merged plan information under the new pet account.