What's New

Integration with Authorize.Net Account Updater

  • Petly Plans integration with the Authorize.Net Account Updater provides a proactive solution to reduce missed charges due to issues with Visa® or MasterCard® credit cards for those that sign up for the service in Authorize.Net.  

    When a Visa® or MasterCard®  credit card is automatically updated through the Authorize.Net Account Updater, expiration dates and card numbers are updated throughout Petly Plans on a nightly basis. If there is an update, practice administrators will receive an email showing changed expiration dates, updated card numbers, closed accounts and clients that must be contacted due to an issue with the client's card.

    The Petly Plans Healthcare Agreement has also been expanded to include new Terms and Conditions related to credit cards automatically updated through the Authorize.Net Account Updater to let your clients know of these potential changes.


    • You will be charged a small fee by Authorize.Net for each credit card updated, as stated when you opt into their Account Updater program.
    • It is NOT necessary to print a new Healthcare Agreement for each credit card updated.

Potential Payment Issues Report Updates

  • If a payment profile is flagged as a closed account or requiring client attention, it will be included on the Potential Payment Issues report. From here, a user can click the ‘View Profile’ link to go directly to the Manage Payment Profile page for that client to rectify the issue.
  • If a plan change was initiated but not completed, the plan is not considered active in Petly Plans. If there is an unpaid payment that will be impacted by this issue, the plan will be included on the report. A user can click the ‘View Plan’ link to go directly to the impacted plan. The user must complete the change plan process before this issue will be rectified.

'Held for Review' Transactions

  • Transactions with a ‘Held for Review’ status are now included on transaction and payment reports for unsuccessful transactions such as the Unsuccessful Transactions Report and excluded from successful reports.
  • Nightly processes will automatically update any transaction with a ‘Held for Review’ status that has been changed.