1. Place the mouse pointer over the Menu and select Admin > Users. The View All Users page appears.
  2. Click the Add New User button. The Add User page appears.
  3. In the Username field, type the unique name this staff member will use to log in to application.
  4. Note: If the username already exists in the system, the application will display a message indicating it is taken. This user information cannot be saved until a unique username is entered.
  5. In the Display Name field, type the name to appear within the application when this staff member is logged in.
  6.  Optional: In the Email field, type the unique email address for this user.
  7. From the Display Tooltips list, select Yes to display tool tips for this user or No to hide tool tips throughout the application.
  8. From the Permission Level list, select the appropriate security role for this user: Admin for full security access, Manager for medium security access or Staff for minimum security access.
  9.  In the Password field, type the password this staff member will use to log in to the application.
  10. In the Repeat Password field, type the same password entered above.
  11. Optional: Within the User Image field, click the Browse button to search for and select the image to display for this user.
  12. Limits: File size: Maximum of 500 KB; Height/Width: Maximum 1000x1000; File Type: PNG, GIF or JPG. When added, the application crops the center of the image and resizes it as needed.
  13. Click the Save button to save the information and return to the View All Users page.