A manager or administrator can activate a renewal plan within sixty days of the current plan’s end date. This is generally done if the client has used all items available with the current plan but comes in before the official start date of the next term’s plan and wants to start using those services immediately.

  • The original start date of the renewal plan will remain the same and all payments from the previous plan and renewal plan will remain due as scheduled.
  • If the plan is set to pay in full, the payment will not automatically be collected on the start date. An administrator will need to manually charge the payment.
  • The renewal plan uses the content from the master template, not the content entered when the plan was originally created.

IMPORTANT: Before activating a renewal plan, is it important to invoice any plan item(s) that should be credited to the current plan first. Close out the invoice with a zero balance, run a full sync for item usage within the application and then activate the renewal plan. Any plan item(s) invoiced at this point will be credited to the newly activated plan.

  1. If items should be credited to the current plan, do the following within the PiMS:
    1. Enter in preventative care plan items on an invoice
    2. Close out the invoice with a zero balance.
  2. Within the Petly Plans application, place the mouse pointer over the Menu and select Admin > Syncs & Automation.
  3. Process Item Usage link to update item usage for the current plan.
  4. Within the Client Summary Page, verify the correct pet and renewal plan display.
  5. Click the Plan Administration button to display a list of menu options.
  6. Select Activate Renewal to display a confirmation dialog box.
  7. Click the Complete Plan & Activate Renewal button. The renewal plan displays in the first preventative care plan tab with a status in progress and the previous plan is marked completed.