An administrator or manager can cancel a plan at any time. To do this:

IMPORTANT: If you do not wish to use Petly Plans to collect past unpaid payments after the plan has been cancelled, all unpaid payments must be manually cancelled.  As long as an outstanding payment remains unpaid within the software, the plan will still be eligible for the IDEXX monthly plan fee charged to your hospital on or around the 5th of every month. 

                                    To see how to manually cancel an unpaid payment click here.

  1. Within the Client Summary Page, click the Plan Administration button to display a list of options.
  2. Select Cancel Plan to display the Cancel Wellness Plan page.
  3. Within the Cancellation Options area, select the best payment option:
    1. Pay remaining payments if the client will pay the remaining balance of the plan.
    2. Choose Pay the difference if the client will pay the non-discounted price of items used minus payments made to date.
    3. Choose No future payments needed if the client does not need to make any further payments.
  4. Click the Payment button to continue to the next page.
  5. Within the Terms of Payment area, if the Pay remaining payments or Pay the difference option was selected, do one of the following:
    1. Choose the Pay Balance in Full Today option if the total will be charged today.
    2. Choose the Continue with Monthly Payments option if payments will be collected monthly as scheduled until the remaining amount is collected.
  6. Click the Profile button to continue to the next page.
  7. If the Pay Balance in Full Today option was selected, do one of the following:
    1. Choose the payment method for collecting the amount owed.
    2. Choose Mark as Paid Externally if the payment will be collected outside the application.
  8. Click the Reason button to continue to the next page.
  9. From the Cancel Reason list, select the reason for the cancellation.
  10. Note: If the reason does not appear on the list, choose Other and type an explanation in the Cancel Note field below.
  11. In the Cancel Note field, type any details staff should be aware of about the cancellation.
  12. Click the Review button to continue to the next page.
  13. Verify the information listed is accurate.
  14. Optional: Click the Print Summary link to open the Plan Activity Statement in a separate tab on the browser. Click the Click to Print This Page option to print the statement and close the tab to return to the cancellation review page.
  15. Click the Cancel Plan button. A Cancel Plan Confirmation dialog box appears.
  16. Click the Confirm Cancel Plan button to process the cancellation and return to the Client Summary Page. The plan is discontinued.