An administrator can delete a payment profile if it will no longer be used to collect plan payments.

  1.  Within the Client Summary Page, go the Client Administration > Manage Payment Profiles to display the Manage Payment Profiles page.
  2.  Click the Delete link to the right of the payment method to remove. A confirmation dialog box appears.
  3.  Verify the deletion by doing one of the following:
    1.  If there are no plans associated with the payment method, click Confirm.
    2.  f there are plans associated with the payment method, a warning message appears followed by a list of plans. Click Delete Payment Profile.
  4.  Click the return to client page link to return to the Client Summary page.
  5.  If necessary, select the name of a pet to continue working.

IMPORTANT: If a profile is deleted, another one MUST be selected for each plan to which it was associated before automatic billing occurs. This can be done by accessing the PAYMENT PROFILES tab within the Client Summary Page and selecting the appropriate payment method.