Renewal Plans Only:

A manager or administrator can change the payment configuration of a plan with a renewal status of manual renewal or auto renewal from monthly payments to one that is paid in full (PIF).

IMPORTANT: Once a plan configured for monthly payments has been changed to one that is paid in full, it is necessary to update information within the PAYMENTS tab of the Client Summary Page.

  1. Within the Client Summary Page, verify the correct pet and renewal plan displays.
  2. Click the Plan Administration button.
  3. Select Convert Monthly Payments to PIF Payment. A confirmation dialog box appears.
  4. Click the Confirm button to change the payment configuration to Paid in Full. The PAYMENTS tab displays the conversion within the Client Summary Page.


  • The Cancel button is used to exit without changing to a PIF payment configuration.
  • The Due Date indicates the payment will be collected during the month the renewal plan is activated. Verify the Auto Charge option is selected.