The Do Not Renew option is used to stop a preventative care plan from renewing once the current plan reaches the end of its term. This is generally used if the pet will continue using services until the current plan ends.

As an administrator, you can stop a plan from renewing by doing the following:

      1.    Within the Client Summary Page, verify the correct pet and preventative care plan display.

      2.    Click the Plan Administration button to display a list of menu options.

      3.    Select Do Not Renew. A confirmation dialog box appears.

      4.    From the Reason to not renew list, select the reason for not renewing the plan.

      5.    Optional: Within the Note field, type information staff should be aware of about the non-renewal.

      6.    Click the Confirm button to stop any manual or automatic plan renewal for the pet. The Client Summary Page appears and the current plan’s renewal status is changed to Do Not Renew.