Use this step-by-step guide to help you enroll pets into Petly* Plans preventive care plans.

Once you’re logged into the Petly Plans software, follow these easy steps to ensure every pet is

getting the very best care.

  1. Search for the pet (by pet name or owner name or patient ID#).

  2. Select the correct pet/owner combination.
    In this window, you can see the pet species and breed, plan status, and owner’s name.
    A green dot under the pet’s name indicates the pet is enrolled in a plan.
    A red dot under the pet’s name indicates a canceled plan or on-hold status (not eligible to use plan services).
    • Click +Add plan.

  3. Review and select the best plan.
    • To view items in each plan, click Base Items; a high-level list of each plan expands for easy comparison.
    • Review the items in each plan, and then choose the one that most closely meets the pet’s needs.
      Tip: In the next step, you can add services to the plan.
    • Click the green button for the plan you want.

  4. Customize the plan for the pet’s individual needs.
    1. Click +Add to include an additional service, and then adjust the item quantity as needed.
      Choose items based on the best medical interest of the animal. Selected items are added to the Added Items section, and the cost is calculated into the fees above the plan overview.
    2. Add any additional services the pet requires.
      Tip: If you need to remove a service, click x Remove.

  5. Review the plan fees with the pet owner.
    • Review the fees located in the header ribbon at the top of the page.
      • Initial fee for this practice: $99.95. This is a one-time enrollment (or membership) fee to participate in the program.
      • Monthly fee for this plan: $39.95. This is the annual cost of all the services included in this plan divided by 12 (months).
      • Added items: $3.25. This is the monthly cost of any additional services included, beyond the base plan.
      • Due today: $143.15. This is the initial fee, plus the monthly fee, plus and the cost for added services.
        All subsequent months will cost the pet owner only the monthly fee and the added services ($43.20).
        Tip: During the Review and Complete step below, the Payment Information section outlines each payment and processing date.
    • Once you have reviewed and completed the plan, click Options.
  6. Add options to the plan.
    • Add any of the options below as needed; options can be selected or changed for each plan. In some cases, users with Staff access will require an administrator override to make changes during this step.
      • Start date: This defaults to today’s date; however, you can also backdate a plan here. Some practices offer up to 48 hours for pet owners to consider Petly Plans participation.
      • Multi-pet discount: If your practice offers a discount on the initial enrollment fee for pet owners with more than one pet, you can enter it here. Enter the amount as a positive value.
      • Paid in full: If a pet owner pays in full, mark it here.
      • Waive initial fee: If the initial fee is being waived, mark it here.
      • Notes: Enter any notes that other staff member should be made aware of.
    • After selecting all needed options, click Payment.

  7.  Add the payment method.
    • Click +Add A New Payment Method.
    • Complete the payment information form.
      Important: We strongly recommend collecting two forms of unique payment, with the primary payment method being checking account (ACH draft).
      Helpful payment information:
      • ACH draft requires you to keep a copy of a voided check on file with the signed healthcare agreement.
      • The AVS Mismatch box may appear if the entered address does not match the credit card or bank account address. Ask the pet owner where the card/bank statement is mailed.
      • If pet owners elect to use a debit or credit card as the primary method of payment, your practice may charge a processing fee.
      • Your practice settings will determine what types of credit cards are accepted
      • The fields company, country, phone, fax can be left blank.
    • When you have completed the payment section, click Review.

  8. Review and complete the plan.
    • Review each section with the pet owner to ensure accuracy and that the pet owner understands the plan and payment details.
    • Click Complete.

    • Note: If the payment profile is 'Held for Review', you will receive a message (The transaction was flagged and placed in a Pending Review state based on filters set in your Authorize.Net account. The transaction must be authorized by you within a set number of days or will be declined. See Authorize.Net for details). The add plan process will be completed but the payment will not be processed until the transaction is approved by your administrator in Authorize.Net.
  9. Print and sign the Healthcare Agreement.
    • Click Print Agreement, and then print two copies of the Healthcare Agreement.
    • Review the following with the pet owner and have the pet owner initial page 1 and sections 3 and 4 on page 2 and then sign the agreement.
      Review with pet owner:
      • This is not health insurance or property insurance.
      • There is a nonrefundable membership fee.
      • The plan will automatically renew each year.
      • Items in the plan are administered to the pet based on the best medical interest of the animal.
      • Draft of payment occurs on the 20th of every month.
    • Review the cancellation policy with the pet owner:
      • Notice of cancellation must be provided in writing and 30 days in advance.
      • If a plan is cancelled before the end of the year, the pet owner is responsible for the full cost of any services performed, but not yet covered by the plan payments made.
    • Keep a signed copy of the healthcare agreement onsite at the practice for two years; your management team will let you know where to keep the contracts.