The Hospital Fees report can be used to view recurring fees charged for using the Petly Plans application.

The Summary section includes the total monthly fees due for each eligible plan, the total number of eligible plans, the enrollment fees due for new plans sold, and the total number of new plans sold within the date range selected. There is also a total dollar amount due, which is the monthly fees due plus the enrollment fees due. On the right side of the screen, there is a View Hospital Pricing button that can be used to display the hospital’s current fees and, if available, a View Promotions button that can be used to see any promotions that may be in progress or scheduled for the hospital. There is also an option to print this summary. When selected, the information displays in a Hospital Fees Summary Report window.

Below this is a listing for each new plan sold and another listing for each eligible plan during the selected month/year range. At the top of each list is the date range of the report, the total number of plans within the list and the associated charges. There is also an option to export information from each section to a PDF or .csv file. For each plan listed, select the View Plan link to the far right to display the plan in a separate tab on the browser.

Hospital fees are collected for:

  • Plans active on the first day of the selected month.
  • Plans created within the selected month.
  • Plans created within the selected month and then backdated to a different month.
  • Plans canceled in a previous month but still paying in the selected month.
  • Plans canceled but still have unpaid past due payments. 
  • Plans canceled within the selected month.

Fees will not be collected if the plan was canceled within 3 days of being started in the selected month.