Managers and administrators can view various reports to help manage wellness plans and item usage and track financial information within the Petly  Plans application. Reports can be accessed through the Menu  displayed in the top left area of a page. If the Report menu option is selected, a landing page displays each category of reports. If a submenu is selected, reports for that category display instead.

The Reports submenu has been divided into basic reports (Activity Report, Credit Card Expirations, Payments, Plan Item Data, Plan Item Usage History, Points, Transactions, and Wellness Plans) and summary reports (Hospital Fees, Plans by Type, Potential Payment Issues, and Usage Summary Report). Report names are also arranged alphabetically within each section.

At the top of each report are a total number of records found (limited to 9,999 records.), totals that pertain to a specific report, an option to export the report to a PDF, and an option to export the report as a CSV file. The PDF can be printed or saved to a file and the .csv file can be exported to spreadsheet software such as Microsoft® Excel. The Refresh link is used to display the latest information on the report. To the right of this is a Search field used to find a specific record(s) by typing a combination of letters and/or numbers.


Use the Per Page list to indicate the number of records to display on each page. The numbers to the right show the range of records currently displayed out of the total number available. To the right of this may be a listing of pages that can be used to scroll through the records. Click a page number to go directly to that page, click the left arrow (<) or right arrow (>) to move backward or forward through the pages, click the First link to move to the first page of records or click the Last link to move to the last page.

Information on a report can be sorted by a specific column by clicking a column header. Click the column header again to sort the information in reverse order.