A Function bar displays at the top of the screen when logged in to the application. This is used to navigate to different areas and to perform a search for clients or pets.


Function bar options:

 Menu icon

Access to:

  • Dashboard - View performance and sales information
  • Reports - Run various types of reports
  • Admin - Manage administrative tools
  • Performance - Manage plan performance information
  • Current date and time

 Quick Sync link

Manually update the IDEXX Petly Plans database with information from the practice management software (PIMS) including clients and pets added or updated within the last thirty days.

Basic Search function

Find a client or pet.

Advanced Search button

Narrow search results further by entering additional filters such as a pet status, plan status, plan start date, and/or plan end date. You can also include clients without active pets in Petly Plans in the search results.

Exit menu

Access to:
  • My Profile - Update your display name, tool tip visibility, email address or password.
  • Logout - Exit the application
  • Helpdesk - Go to the Petly Plans Helpdesk