The Healthcare Agreement is a contract between the practice and client that is automatically created when a plan is added. An updated agreement will be created if a plan is later changed.

The IDEXX Petly Plans application stores an unsigned copy(s) of the agreement within the application for each plan. The first page includes subscriber information, the pet and agreement information and monthly fees. It also explains the plan is not insurance and the one-time initial membership fre is non-refundable. There is then a section describing the types of services provided with this type of plan and any restrictions that apply.

The next section displays additional legal terms and conditions that apply including general terms, payment collection, plan cancellation, plan renewal, initial membership fee exceptions, plan changes, early services usage, limitations and exclusions, discounts applied, plan usage, method of payment, collection costs and co-subscriber requirements

The last section is the signature page on which the client signs his or her full name and the date to indicate they understand and agree to the terms of the contract. If someone other than the person listed on the pet’s account is paying for the plan, this person must also sign and date the healthcare agreement in the co-subscriber section. There is also a place for the hospital representative to sign and date the contract to indicate he or she reviewed the contract with the client.

Below the signature area is information about the payment method assigned the plan. The person listed on that payment method will need to give the practice authority to automatically charge this account by signing the authorization.