The Portal Settings page is divided into eight tabs that include General, Logos, HCA, Payment Gateway, Email, Users, Integrations and Fees.

Within the General tab, the practice’s physical address, phone number and practice name are printed on the Petly Plans Healthcare Agreement (HCA). There is also a field to identify the type of practice management software Petly Plans is syncing with and an option to identify the default number of records to display on each page of a report. Options include 20, 40, 60, 100, 500 or 2000. The default is 100.

The Logos tab displays the current image that appears in the upper left corner of all healthcare agreements in the Petly Plans application. The logo can be updated by browsing for and selecting a new image.

    Note: The image should contain the name of the practice and be no larger than 200x200 pixels.

The HCA tab is where you can enter the name of your practice’s preventive care program to display on your Healthcare Agreements in place of the default ‘Petly Plans’ name.

Within the Payment Gateway tab, you can set up the application to automatically reprocess a declined payment from a pet owner, four days after it was initially declined.


  • Standard payment gateway processing fees apply.
  • The application will attempt to reprocess a declined payment once, after which, if the payment is still uncollected, the practice must follow up with the pet owner to collect the outstanding payment.
  • If a user attempts to manually reprocess an initially declined payment within the four days of automatic reprocessing, the application will not attempt to reprocess the payment automatically.
  • You can opt out at any time. The application will stop reprocessing declined payments at that point.

Use the Email tab to enter each email address to receive notifications about incorrect item usage, Petly Plans alerts and application updates. 

The User tab is used to set the number of minutes the application is idle before it automatically logs a user out, the number of login attempts a user is allowed before being locked out of the application and the admin override password, which allows staff to perform an administrative task after the password is entered.

The Integrations tab is applicable if you have Cornerstone 8.6 NEXT or higher and what to view Petly Plans information in your practice management application. Click here to get started.

The Fees tab is used to enter the admin fee to charge as part of any card and/or eCheck processed through the application and displays the monthly and enrollment fees collected from the hospital each month.

The practice can discount the initial enrollment fee applied the first time a pet signs up for a plan by entering a dollar amount for a Multi Pet Discount. This is generally used when a client signs up more than one pet for the preventive care program. If this box is left blank, staff will be able to type a discount at the time the plan is being added for a pet.