The Client Summary Page is used to manage wellness plans. Information about the client and any associated pet(s) are imported from the practice management software (PiMS) and display in the top portion of the page. Wellness plan information displays in the bottom portion of the page for the selected pet.

Note: If any client or pet information is not correct, update the information in your practice management software and perform a sync within Petly Plans.

Client Information

The client information includes the client ID, first name,last name, home address and email address, if available. This information is imported from your PiMS during synchronization.

Patient Information

The patient information area displays up to six tabs. Each tab contains a pet’s name, picture if available and plan currently in progress. If the pet is not on a plan, ‘no active plan’ displays instead. If there are more than six pets, a plus sign [+] displays on the right. Use this to choose a different pet to view.

The selected pet information includes the pet ID, name, microchip ID, species, sex, birth date, status and member since date, which is when the pet was originally enrolled in the wellness program. This information is imported from your PiMS during synchronization.

Note: For plans on hold, the system stops automatically billing the client; Petly Fees for the practice still apply.

Plan Information

The plan information area is used to add and manage plans for the selected pet. The first tab displays the name and status of the selected plan.

Plan statuses:

In progress
The plan is currently active
On hold
The plan has been halted temporarily
The plan has been discontinued or the client did not renew a plan once its end date was reached
The term of the plan is finished and a renewal plan activated

If viewing a renewal plan, which will start the day after the current in progress plan completes, the plan status is either auto renewal or manual renewal.

Renewal plan statuses:

Auto renewal
The next term’s plan that was automatically generated two months prior to the current plan end date and is based on information within the current plan’s master template.
Manual renewal
The next term’s plan in which an administrator or manager configured the renewal instead of having it automatically generate.

If the pet does not have an active plan, an Add Plan button displays giving staff the ability to add a plan from the Client Summary Page.

The first tab displays information about the currently selected plan including its unique ID, start date and end date. The renewal status indicates how a renewal plan will be added for the next term.

Renewal status:

Auto renewal
The next term’s plan will be automatically generated
Manual renewal
The next term’s plan was manually configured by management
Do not renew
The plan will not be renewed once the current plan is completed

The monthly fee shows a breakdown of the amount due each month for the plan and the usage total shows the dollar amount of items used with the plan versus the total dollar amount of items available.

The ALL OTHER PLANS tab shows all plans for the pet. The Action column in this tab indicates which plan is currently being displayed in the first tab. If you want to see information for a different plan, click the View link to the right of it to display those details in the first tab instead.

Client Summary Page options:

Client Administration menu
Administrators can merge an old client account to a new client account if a PIMS client ID has been changed.
Administrators or managers can add, change or remove a payment method associated with the selected client
Merge Pet    
Administrators can merge an old pet account information to a new pet account for the selected client.
Healthcare Agreement link
Access an unsigned version of the client contract(s) for the currently selected plan
Plan Administration menu
Choose to:
  • Change a plan
  • Cancel a plan
  • Configure a renewal plan
  • Set a plan to not renew
  • Activate a renewal plan
  • Put a plan on hold
  • For renewal plans:
    • Convert monthly payments to one paid in full
    • Convert a paid in full plan to monthly payments
Items tab
View and manage items associated with the currently selected plan
Usage History tab
View items that were marked used for the currently selected plan
Payment Profile tab
View information about the client’s bank account(s), credit card(s) and/or debit card(s)
Payments tab
Manage payments associated with the plan
Fees tab
View pricing information for the plan
Notes tab
View and manage additional details about the plan entered by staff
Activity Log tab
View actions performed for the plan