Cancel an active plan for a pet that will discontinue the preventive care program.


  • The practice is having difficulty collecting payments.
  • The client has given written notice requesting cancellation.
  • Pet is deceased.
  • Client or pet is inactivated in the practice management software

Permission Level

  • Administrator
  • Manager

Things to Know

  • Be sure to print the Plan Cancellation Summary on the Review page before completing the process; one for your records and one your client’s records.
  • When starting the cancellation process, the application will calculate the value of item usages and payments made to date. The Cancellation Options area will display 3 alternatives:
    • Option 1: Pay remaining payments: The client will pay the full amount owed for the plan.
    • Option 2: Pay the difference: The client will pay the difference between the retail price of used items minus payments paid to date.
    • Option 3: No future payments needed: The client will not pay any future payments for the plan.
    • Staff may choose whichever option is appropriate for the cancellation; the application will also provide a recommended best option.
  • If future payments will be collected, you can choose to have the client:
    • Pay Balance in Full Today: Pay the full balance during the cancellation process
    • Continue with Monthly Payments: Charge the client the normal monthly fee until the amount owed has been paid.
    • If the client will be charged the amount owed immediately, you can have the client:
      • Pay using an existing payment profile and process the payment through Petly Plans.
        • WARNING: Do Not click Confirm Cancel Plan more than once as this can cause duplicate charges for the pet owner. 

- OR -

      • Mark as Paid Externally: A payment is collected outside the Petly Plans application.
  • Cancelling a plan does not remove any payment profile associated with the client or plan.
  • The plan will continue to automatically process payments if the cancellation is set to collect remaining payments on a monthly basis.
  • Once a plan is cancelled, it cannot be reinstated. A new plan must be created for the pet.
  • Cancellation notes will display in the Notes tab of the plan.
  • Petly fees:
    • Apply to any plan that has unpaid past due and future due payments for a plan.
    • Are waived if a plan is cancelled within 72 hours of being added, regardless of plan start date.


  1. Search for and select the plan to be cancelled.
  2. Within the Client Summary page, go to Plan Administration > Cancel Plan.
  3. Choose one of the following:
    1. Pay remaining payments
    2. Pay the difference
    3. No future payments needed
  4. Click Payments.
  5. If collecting future payments, choose one of the following:
    1. Pay Balance in Full Today
    2. Continue with Monthly Payments
  6. Click Profile.
  7. If collecting the payment immediately, choose one of the following:
    1. A payment method associated with the client
    2. Mark as Paid Externally
  8. Click Reason.
  9. From the Cancel Reason list, select why the plan is being cancelled.
  10. In the Card Note field, type additional details staff should be aware of about the cancellation, if applicable.
  11. Click Review.
  12. Verify the information is accurate.
  13. Click Print Summary.
    1. Click the Click to Print This Page.
    2. Print a minimum of one copy for the client.
    3. Close the tab when finished.
  14. Click Cancel Plan.
  15. Click Confirm Cancel Plan.
  16. Cancel overdue payments that will not be collected.

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