Cancel a payment that will not be collected.


  • Payment is overdue and will not be collected.
  • Payment is a supplemental payment that will no longer be collected.
  • Payment is part of a cancelled or completed plan and will no longer be collected.

Permission Level


Things to Know

  • For cancelled or completed plans, a payment can only be cancelled if it has not already been paid, regardless of payment due date.
  • Before continuing with the below steps, if the payment you would like to cancel has been:
    • Charged through the Petly Plans application, log into your Authorize.Net Merchant account to perform a void the pending payment. It will be necessary to wait until the following day to cancel the payment.
    • Marked as paid outside the Petly Plans application, revert the payment to unpaid using the Undo Mark as Paid option within the Payments tab. Continue immediately with below steps.
  • The payment amount and due date cannot be changed when cancelling a payment.
  • If a note is added during the cancel payment process, the information will be available within the Notes tab of the plan.
  • Once a payment is cancelled, it cannot be reinstated. A supplemental payment must be added instead.
  • IDEXX Petly Plans fees apply for any plan with unpaid payments.


  1. Search for and select the client for which to charge one or more payments.
  2. Click the Payments tab.

  1. Click Cancel.
  2. From the Reason for Cancel Payment drop-down list, choose why the payment is being cancelled. Options: Error, Payment Default, No Payment Due, Other.
  3. Optional: In the Notes field, type detailed information staff should be aware of regarding the cancelled payment.
  4. Click Cancel Payment.

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