Charge a client an additional fee for such things as non-sufficient funds (NSF), cancellations and administrative costs.


  • The practice chooses to charge an NSF fee for a declined payment(s).
  • Anytime the practice needs to collection an additional fee(s) above the normal plan cost.

Example: Staff provided a service that is not part of a plan and, after discussing with the pet owner, has permission to charge the additional cost of the service.

  • When upgrading a plan, the practice chooses to charge the balance due in full instead of applying the cost difference to future monthly payments during the change plan process.

Permission Level


Things to Know

  • You must manually charge the additional fee. The Petly Plans application does not automatically charge this type of payment.
  • Check with your local and state government regulations to ensure compliance.


Add the Supplemental Payment

  1. Search for and select the client for which to charge one or more payments.

  1. Click the Payments tab.
  2. Click Create Supplemental Payment.
  3. In the Amount ($) field, type the dollar amount of the fee to add to the plan.
  4. From the Reason for Payment drop-down list, select the reason for the additional fee. Options: Other, NSF Fee, Credit Card Service Fee.
  5. Optional: In the Note field, type additional details staff should be aware of about the additional fee.
  6. Click Add Payment.

Charge the Client through the Petly Plans application

  1. Within the Payments tab for the appropriate plan, search for the Payment Type Supplemental.
  2. Click Charge.
  3. Choose the payment method to charge.
  4. Place a check mark in the Charge check box within the Action column to the right of the Supplemental type.
  5. Click Charge Payment.
  6. Click Charge Immediately.

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