Update the currently in-progress plan or change the type of plan for the current term.


  • You want to add, remove or change the quantity of an item allowed to fit current patient needs.
  • The client would like to upgrade the current plan.

Things to Know

  • The start date of the plan does not change.
  • A plan can be changed up until a renewal plan is configured for the next term.
  • If you choose to apply the cost difference to future monthly payments, additional price increases from adding an item(s) or upgrading the plan will be:
    • For Monthly payments: Divided evenly among the remaining plan payments and added to the balance due each month.
    • For a Paid in Full payment: Totaled and one payment added to the plan. This payment must be manually charged.
  • If you choose NOT to apply the cost difference to future monthly payments:
    • Petly Plans will not calculate the additional costs related to the plan payments already made and will divide the cost difference as if spread over 12 months.
    • To collect the additional balance due for payments already made, you must manually calculate the additional cost for those months and either charge the balance outside Petly Plans or add a Supplemental payment and manually charge the additional balance within Petly Plans.
  • Recommendation: Do not change a plan if:
    • You are removing items from the current plan or choosing a lower-cost (downgraded) plan and the client has already paid more than what the adjusted total plan cost would be with the change. Plan payments will remain at the current price and not adjusted to $0.00 owed.
  • A WARNING message alerts you that, once you move past this point, the plan change process must be completed.
    • If you move past this warning message and decides not to change the plan, continue through the process without making changes to any Plan Change page.
    • If you move past this warning message and exit without completing the plan change process, follow these instructions:  “Plan Changing Status: Revert to the Original Plan
  • You can choose to:
    • Option 1: Keep the client on the same plan but add an item(s), update a quantity for an existing added item or remove an added item item(s). You cannot remove or adjust the quantity of base items.
    • Option 2: Change to a different type of plan for the current term.
  • If the cost of the plan increases, you have an option to:
    • Spread the cost difference over the remaining payments.
    • If this is a plan that has been paid in full, an additional payment for the added cost will be calculated.

Permission Level

  • Administrator
  • Manager


  1. Search for the pet for which to change an in-progress plan.
  2. Click view plan in the Search Results page.
  3. Within the Client Summary page, go to Plan Administration > Change Plan.
  4. Optional (Highly Recommended): Place a check mark in the Apply cost difference to future monthly payments checkbox if additional costs associated with the plan should be divided among the remaining payment(s) for the plan.
  5. Click one of the following:
    1. <Same Plan Type> if the pet will remain on the same type of plan with adjustments.
    2. Different Plan Type if the pet will be moved to a different type of plan.

  1. Once you have confirmed the plan must be changed, click Continue With Plan Change.

  1. If choosing a different plan type: In the Plan Change – Choose a Wellness Plan page:
    1. Optional: Click the Base Items link to display the standard items available with the plan.
    2. Click the green <plan type> button to choose the appropriate type of plan and move to the next step.

  1. In the Plan Change – Add Additional Items page:
    1. Optional: Click the Add link in the Available Items area to include an additional item on this plan.
    2. Optional: Click the Remove link to the right of an item in the Added Items area to remove it from this plan.
    3. Optional: In the Quantity field to the right of an added item, type a different quantity of the item to be included with this plan.
    4. Click Options.

  1. In the Plan Change – Options page:
    1. Optional: In the Notes field, type any additional information staff should be aware of about the plan change.
    2. Click Review.

  1. In the Plan Change - Review & Complete page:
    1. Verify the changes made to the plan are accurate.
    2. Click Complete Plan Change.

  1. If using Performance Tracking: From the drop-down list, choose the staff member to get credit for the plan change if applicable or leave blank if no one will get credit for the plan change.
  2. Click Complete Plan Change.

  1. OptionalPrint the latest Healthcare Agreement (HCA).
    1. On the Client Summary Page, click the Healthcare Agreement link.
    2. Click View to the right of the latest contract.
    3. Print the HCA and close the browser tab to return to the Client Summary Page.
    4. Click Close when prompted.

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