See a plan with a plan changing status? Return it to an active status by changing it back to the original plan.


  • Any time a plan has a plan changing status
  • At a minimum, 1 week prior to the 20th

Permission Level

  • Administrator
  • Manager

Things to Know

  • This occurs when a staff member moves past the warning message in the change plan process and exits without completing the change.
  • The Potential Payment Issues report is an easy way to view and address plans with a plan changing status.


Determine the original plan type

  1. Search for and select the plan with a plan changing status.
  2. Within the Client Summary page, click Healthcare Agreement.

Rever to the previous plan

  1. In the Client Summary page, go to Plan Administration > Change Plan.
  2. In the initial Change Plan window, click <appropriate option>.
  3. In the Change Plan warning window, click Continue With Plan Change.
  4. If changing to a different plan type, in the Choose a Wellness Plan window, click the appropriate plan type.
  5. In the Add Additional Items page, click Options.
  6. In the Options page, click Review.
  7. In the Review & Complete page, click Complete Plan Change.
  8. If the Assign Points window displays, assign the appropriate staff member as needed.
  9. Click Complete Plan Change.