Set up the next plan for a pet before the current plan has been completed.


  • The content of the next term’s plan is different from the standard renewal plan content associated with the plan template.


  • Administrator
  • Manager


  • Active Plan – currently in-progress plan associated with a pet.
  • Activate Renewal Plan– the action of starting the next term plan. This can be done:
    • Automatically by the application on the renewal plan start date
    • Manually by an administrator or manager if the renewal plan should be started early
  • Change Plan – the action of updating the current active plan.
  • Configured Renewal Plan– the action of generating the next term’s plan. This can be done:
    • Automatically by the application 60 days prior to the end date of the currently active plan.
    • Manually by an administrator or manager if the renewal plan will be different from the standard renewal plan associated with the current plan template.
  • Renewal Plan – any plan after the initial enrollment plan.

Things to Know

  • No payment is charged when a plan is configured. Plan payments will remain on the expected payment schedule.
  • When a plan is configured, the content of the plan is based on the master template; not what the current plan includes for the pet.
  • A configured renewal can be changed up to the point where the existing configured renewal has an associated payment.
  • If a plan is set to “Do Not Renew” before the 60-day automatic configuration, Petly Plans will not automatically configure the next term plan.
  • If a renewal plan has been configured before the 60-day renewal configuration, Petly Plans will ignore the plan during automatic configuration.
  • Once a renewal plan is configured, the plan currently in progress can no longer be changed.
  • To remove a configured plan, call Petly Plans Support at 844.878.3788.


Verify a Plan does not have a Configured Renewal Plan

  1. Within the Client Summary page, select the pet for which to confirm a configured renewal exists.
  2. Click the All Other Plans tab.
  3. Verify no plan is set to renew the day following the end date of the current plan.

Configure Next Term’s Plan

  1. Log into Petly Plans as an Administrator or Manager.
  2. Search for and select the pet for which to manually configure a next term’s renewal plan.
  3. Within the Client Summary page, go to Plan Administration > Configure Renewal Plan.

  1. Do one of the following:
    1. If the pet will be on the same type of plan with adjustments, click the name of the current plan.
    2. If the pet will be on a different plan next term, choose Different Plan Type.
  2. If a different plan, in the Renewal - Choose a Wellness Plan page, click the type of plan to renew to when the current plan ends.

  1. In the Renewal – Add Additional Items page, click Add to the right of each available item to include on the renewal plan.

Note: Click Remove to the right of any added item that should not be included on the renewal plan if added by mistake.

  1. Click Options.

  1. Select the Paid in Full checkbox if the client will be charged the entire amount owed for the plan on its scheduled start date.
  2. In the Notes field, type an additional information staff should be aware of about this plan.
  3. Click Payments.

  1. Indicate which payment profile will be charged for this plan by:
    1. Selecting an existing payment profile.
    2. Clicking Add a New Payment Method, adding the payment profile and then selecting it within the Renewal – Choose Payment Method page.
    3. Selecting Skip adding a payment profile if a payment method should not be assigned at this time.

Note: If skipping the selection of a payment profile, an Administrator must assign one before payments can be collected through the Petly Plans application.

  1. Click Review.

  1. Verify the information for the renewal plan is accurate. If not, use the Back button to navigate to the appropriate page(s) to make changes.
  2. Click Complete.
  3. If using the Performance tracking feature: Click the drop-down list in the Assign Points area and choose the staff member that will earn points for the configured renewal or leave the field empty if no one will get credit.
  4. Click Complete Renewal Configuration.

                  If using the Performance option                                        If not using the Performance feature


  1. Click Print Agreement to view the healthcare agreement. Close the tab when finished.

  1. Click Close to view the manually configured renewal plan.

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