Manually deplete the quantity used of an item through the Petly Plans application if it will not be invoiced within your practice management software.



  • A plan was on hold at the time the item(s) was invoiced.
  • A plan had a plan changing status at the time the item(s) was invoiced.
  • The item was marked used on the completed plan and should have been marked on the latest plan.
  • The Item was invoiced under the incorrect pet.
  • An incorrect WP item was invoiced and needs to be corrected.


Permission Level



  • Items tab
    • admin option: Add an item usage to a plan without invoicing in the practice management software.
    • delete option: Permanently removes an item from a plan so it cannot be used.

  • Usage History tab
    • delete option: Removes an item usage from history if it was incorrectly marked used. Once deleted, the item reappears in the Items tab so it is available again for use with the plan.




  1. Log into the Petly Plans application as an Administrator.
  2. Search for and select pet for which to add item usage.
  3. Within the Client Summary page, verify the correct plan is selected.
  4. Click the Items tab.
  5. Click admin to the right of the item.

  1. In the Usage Date field, type the date on which the item was used or use the date selector to choose the date from a calendar.
  2. In the Quantity field, type the number of the item used on that date.
  3. Optional: In the Comment box, type a note staff should be aware of about the adjustment.
  4. Click Mark Usage.


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