There are instances in which item usage is marked incorrectly within the Petly Plans application. This is generally due to invoicing errors within the PiMS. The following explains how some of these invoicing actions affect item usage within the application.

The Petly Plans application does not recognize negative quantities entered into the practice management system (PiMS).

The Petly Plans application does not adjust for voided invoices once the item is automatically marked as used, so the only way to correct the usage is to make a manual adjustment.

Instances where invoicing negatively affects Petly Plans usage:

1.If an item is marked used in the Petly Plans application and the invoice with the plan item is then voided or deleted in the PiMS, open the respective plan in the Petly Plans application to manually correct item usage (Within the Usage History tab, delete the line item).

Example: Invoice 123 is created for Roxy Jones with the plan items used that day. The invoice is closed and the client is checked out. The next day staff realizes the items should have been invoiced for the owner’s other pet, Rosy Jones. The decision is made to void invoice 123 in the PiMS and create a new invoice for the correct pet. Management must log in to the Petly Plans application and manually correct the item usage for Roxy Jones so services are again made available.

2.If an invoice with wellness plan items is corrected the day after the invoice is closed by creating a second invoice, item usage on the plan must be checked for accuracy.

Example: Invoice 456 is created for Fluffy Miller with plan items. The next day it is discovered that the Provider credited for the services was not correct. The manager decides to create a new invoice, add the exact WP services with a negative quantity of 1 for the incorrect provider, and add the WP services with a positive quantity of 1 for the correct provider. Since the Petly Plans application does not recognize negative quantities, the items are marked used 3 times. The next day, once the Petly Plans application syncs item usage overnight, the manager will need to correct the item usage by deleting the line item within the Usage History tab of the Client Summary Page.

3.Backdated invoices with wellness plan (WP) codes may not mark the activity correctly within the Petly Plans application depending on when the invoice is closed as well as the date on the individual service line of the invoice. The manager must look at the respective plan the day following the activity to verify the correct item usage was marked. Practice management systems process this information differently, so it is important to always check when something out of the ordinary is done to or with an invoice that contains wellness plan codes.

4. If a plan is created after wellness plan (WP) codes have been added to an invoice and closed, there is a chance that the items will not be marked correctly. Check the item usage on that plan the day after it is created to see how the items were marked as used, if at all.