Acknowledge an item, used but not part of the pet’s plan, is approved by marking it as addressed to indicate it should not be removed from item usage history.


  • A minimum of 1 time each week


Permission Level

  • Administrator
  • Manager


  • Unmatched Usage: An item was used but is not included in the current active plan.
  • Over Usage: An item included on an active plan but the quantity exceeds the number allowed with the plan. This is shown as a negative value in the Items Remaining field within the Client Summary page Items tab.


Things to Know

  • An unmatched usage is generally because:
    • An item was incorrectly invoiced
    • An item was used and then the active plan changed to one that no longer has the item included.
  • Petly Plans sends an Item Usage Discrepancies email to designated email addresses to more easily view and access any unmatched and overused items.
  • The Unaddressed and Unmatched Item Usage report will show you any item that was posted on an invoice but not part of an active plan.
  • If an item is unmatched and does not show a patient, the pet invoiced does not have an active plan.
  • If an item on the report was invoiced by mistake, remove it from the plan’s usage history. This action will remove the unmatched item from the Unaddressed and Unmatched Item Usage report as well. 



  1. Log into the Petly Plans application as an Administrator or Manager.
  2. Go to Reports > Plan Item Usage History.
    1. Click Unaddressed and Unmatched Item Usage.
    2. Click Mark as Addressed to the right of the item to acknowledge and approve the non-plan item usage and remove the line item from the report.

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