Remove an item usage from plan history if it is incorrect.



  • Item was posted on an invoice by mistake.
  • Posted invoice was voided.
  • Item was marked used in the Petly Plans application by mistake.
  • Item was marked used on the wrong plan.


Permission Level


Things to Know

  • An Item Usage Discrepancies email is delivered to the designated admin email address(s) daily to help you track potential item usage issues.
  • The Reports > Item Usage History reports are an easy way to view and access plans in which item quantities have been updated as used.
  • If a removed item usage is part of the plan, refresh your browser and click the Items tab to see the quantity added back to items available for use.



  1. Log into the Petly Plans application as an Administrator.
  2. Search for and select the plan for which to remove item usage from history.
  3. Click the Usage History tab.
  4. Click delete to the right of the item to remove from history.


  1. Click Confirm.

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