Start using plan items on the next term’s plan up to 60 days before the current plan term ends.


  • Items on the current plan are all used but the pet is scheduled for a visit prior to the next term’s start date.


Permission Level

  • Administrator
  • Manager



  • Active Plan – currently in-progress plan associated with a pet.
  • Activate Renewal Plan– the action of starting the next term plan. This can be done:
    • Automatically by the application on the renewal plan start date
    • Manually by an administrator or manager if the renewal plan should be started early
  • Configured Renewal Plan– the action of generating the next term’s plan. This can be done:
    • Automatically by the application 60 days prior to the end date of the currently active plan.
    • Manually by an administrator or manager if the renewal plan will be different from the standard renewal plan associated with the current plan template.
  • Renewal Plan – any plan after the initial enrollment plan.


Things to Know

  • When the renewal plan is activated, the current plan will automatically close.
  • The original start date of the renewal plan will remain the same.
  • Payments will remain on the same payment scheduled regardless of when the renewal plan is activated.
  • If a renewal plan is set to pay in full, the payment will not automatically be charged on the official start date if activated early. An administrator will need to manually charge the payment.
  • You can manually mark items that were used as part of the configured renewal before its official start date.
  • For active plans, you can:
    • Change the active plan
    • Cancel the active plan
    • Put a plan on hold and later remove the plan hold.
    • Stop an active plan from automatically renewing at the end of its term.
  • For renewal plans, you can:
    • Configure a renewal plan if different than the standard renewal plan generated based on the current template near the end of term.
    • Activate a configured up to 60 days earlier than the start date


Complete usage updates for the current plan

  1. Within the practice information management (PIMS) application, invoice any WP item that should be included on the current plan.
  2. Post the invoice.
  3. Log into Petly Plans as an Administrator.
  4. Place the mouse pointer over the menu icon and go to Admin > Syncs & Automation.
  5. Click Process Item Usage to update usage for the current plan.


Activate the configured renewal

  1. Log into the Petly Plans application as an Administrator or Manager.
  2. Search for and select the plan for which to activate the next plan early.
  3. Within the Client Summary Page, go to Plan Administration > Activate Renewal.

  1. Click Complete Plan & Activate Renewal.


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