Change a configured renewal set to pay 12 monthly payments to one in which the client will pay the full cost of the plan with a single payment.


  • A pet owner wants the plan renewed but would like to pay the cost of the entire plan upfront instead of making monthly payments.


  • Administrator
  • Manager


  • Paid-in-Full (PIF): Payment structure in which the client pays 1 payment for the full cost of the plan on its start date.
  • Monthly: Payment structure in which the cost of the plan is divided into 12 monthly payments.
  • Configured Renewal: The plan generated to start at the end of the current plan term or when an administrator starts it early.

Things to Know

  • Only a configured renewal plan, without a payment already processed, can be changed from paying 12 monthly installments to one lump sum when the plan first renews.
  • Once the configured plan has been started, the payment structure cannot be changed.
  • If a monthly payment is declined and the pet owner would like to change to one lump sum payment, the plan will need to be cancelled and the pet enrolled in a new plan. This will result in an IDEXX new plan fee being charged.


Find and Change the Monthly Payments to a PIF Payment Structure via the Wellness Plans Report

  1. From the menu, select Reports > Wellness Plans.
  2. Select Plan Renewal Status by Month.
  3. If necessary, change the month and year to view plans ending in the specified month.
  4. Click Generate Report.
  5. Click Edit Report Filters.
  6. In the Plan Payment Configuration area, choose the Monthly Payments option.
  7. Click Generate Report
  8. Click the View Plan link to the right of the in-progress plan associated with the configured renewal plan.
  9. Within the Client Summary page, click the All Other Plans tab.
  10. Click the View link to the right of the renewal plan to update.
  11. Click Plan Administration.
  12. Select Convert Monthly Payments to PIF Payment.


  1. Click Confirm to adjust payments to one lump sum.
  2. Optional: Click the Payments tab to view the PIF payment that will be owed.

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