Each plan must have a default payment profile selected to automatically charge payments through the Petly Plans application.


Prior to charging a payment through the Petly Plans application.

Permission Level

  • Administrator
  • Manager

Things to Know

  • The client can have a different payment method associated with each pet so there may be multiple payment profiles listed. 
  • A selected payment profile will be used for all plans associated with the pet until another is selected as the default payment profile.
  • If the Authorize.Net® Account Updater is enabled:
    • Authorize.Net® will remove any payment profile with an issue from its application.
    • Petly Plans will display a red (closed account) or yellow (client attention required) card to flag these payment profiles.
      • The flagged payment profile must be deleted in Petly Plans and a new payment profile assigned.
      • If a flagged payment profile remains the default payment method and a transaction is attempted, you will see the following error message: “Customer Profile ID or Customer Payment Profile ID not found.” 
  • The Potential Payment Issues report is an easy way to view and address future payments that will not process due to an issue with a plan.


  1. Search for and select the plan for which to assign a payment profile.
  2. Verify the correct pet is selected in the Client Summary page.
  3. Select the Payment Profile tab.
  4. Select the default payment profile. The card will have a green check mark   and outline.


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