Check future-due payments to ensure they will be automatically processed when due.

Note: If a renewal plan set to pay in full (PIF) on the plan start date is activated earlier, the payment for the first month will need to be manually charged by an Administrator.


1 week before the 20th

Permission Level

  • Administrator
  • Manager

Things to Know

  • If the Auto Charge option is not selected, the payment will not be automatically charged on its due date.
  • A payment profile must be selected to automatically charge a payment.
  • The Potential Payment Issues report is an easy way to view and address future payments that will not process because they are not setup to.
  • A payment marked as paid externally by a Manager or Administrator will not be automatically processed again on the actual payment due date as the application already indicates it has been paid.


  1. Search for and select the plan for which to set a payment to automatically process in the future.
  2. Select the Payments tab.
  3. Place a check mark in the appropriate Auto Charge checkbox.

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