After payments have been drafted, check the Unsuccessful Payment Collections report to see if something has been returned. (Reports > Payments > Unsuccessful Payment Collection preset report) If necessary, export this report to a PDF to keep track of clients that need contacting.

Note: To help reduce the number of declined payments, sign up for the Authorize.Net Account Updater. You can also set up the application to         automatically reprocess payments that were charged and came back declined 4 days later.

Recommend collections process:

  1. Call the client and discuss the issue.
  2. If you do not get a response within 3 days, send a letter or email
  3. If you do not get a response within 10 days,  reprocess the default payment, add a supplemental payment to cover costs such an NSF fee and charge that payment as well.

Additional recommendations for NSF:

  • If there is an issue for 2 consecutive months, the practice should cancel the wellness plan and send to collections. Historically keeping the plans active does not guarantee payment.
  • If there are NSF issues twice during the year, set the plan to Do Not Renew for the next year and let the client know the last month of the plan.