An administrator can set up and customize species-specific wellness plan templates to fit practice needs. The templates are used to standardize wellness plan offerings and quickly guide staff through the add plan process.

Within the Wellness Plan Templates page an administrator has the option of adding a new template, editing or deleting an existing template or rearranging the order in which a template appears on the Choose a Wellness Plan page when selecting a play type for a pet.

The Edit Plan Template page is accessed when adding a new template or editing an existing template. This page is divided into three tabs: General, Health Care Agreement and Items.

Within the General tab enter a unique title of a template, a unique abbreviated version of this title, the one-time initial fee for newly enrolled members, the base monthly fee for this type of plan, the discount percent that applies to any eligible non-wellness plan item(s) added to the invoice and paid for the day of service, the species to which the template is associated, the status of the template, and the type of wellness plan to automatically renew to if not this type.


  • The Abbreviation field is limited to five (5) characters.
  • The discount does not apply to any product or service with a WP item ID or any item specifically excluded by the practice.
  • If a different template is selected in the Automatic Renewal Plan field after other plans have been added, each existing plan must be manually updated to renew to this new type. Future plans will automatically renew to the new plan type.
  • When editing a template, if the Base Monthly Fee is changed, an option to apply the updated price to previously configured renewal plans for that type becomes available.

Use the Health Care Agreement tab to enter information and restrictions to print on any healthcare agreement associated with this type of plan. The details entered here display in this same format when viewing an agreement for a pet. Click the Preview HCA button at the bottom of the page to see a sample healthcare agreement based on information entered in this tab.

There are four boxes available for entering different categories of information. With each there is a title and area for entering details, which can be bolded or put into a bulleted list. If, for example, a Puppy Gold template always includes a hysterectomy or castration surgery, the title of one box may be Procedures/Other and the details may include a line item for Hysterectomy or Castration Surgery.

There is also one Restrictions box for entering limitations that apply to this type of plan. A restriction for the Puppy Gold template, for example, may be that vaccinations, tests and procedures must be done prior to the seventh month of age in order to be covered under the plan.

The Items tab identifies which items are available for use with a template. The BASE ITEMS area displays items included in all wellness plans associated with this template. Each line item includes the item’s ID, description (and group name if the item is associated with one), price, the type of item it is and the quantity available for use. The quantity can be updated if needed. It is also possible to remove an item or move it up or down on the list. Items will display in this order throughout the application. An example of a base item would be an annual exam.

The OPTIONAL ITEMS area includes any elective items that could potentially be added to a plan for an additional fee. Each line item includes the item’s ID, description (and group name if the item is associated with one), price, and the type of item it is. It is also possible to remove the item or move it up or down on the list. An example of an optional item would be a heartworm preventative.

The AVAILABLE ITEMS area displays the wellness plan items that are not currently added to either the BASE ITEMS or OPTIONAL ITEMS area. Each line includes the item’s ID, description (and group name if applicable), price, the type of item it is and the option to add it as a base item or optional item. The items are imported from PiMS during synchronization and are organized by item ID. Each item ID starts with WP.

IMPORTANT: When any item(s) is added or updated in the BASE ITEMS or OPTIONAL ITEMS area, that line item(s) is highlighted in light green and a Save button displays at the bottom of the page. If the Save button is not clicked before exiting the Edit Plan Template page, the highlighted information will be lost.