These preventive care plan scripts may help your staff feel more comfortable and confident when speaking with pet owners about your practice's plans.  Place the attached scripts near the phones for easy access.

We've also attached scripts to help navigate the following conversations:

  • Enrolling new puppies and kittens
  • Enrolling adult dogs and cats
  • Increasing dental compliance

Petly Plans Staff Scripts

Reception staff when pet owner calls in for checkup or price check:


“Have you heard of our new preventive care plans? They’re a monthly payment plan that helps manage your pet’s healthcare needs by spreading your payments out over the course of a year.  Plans are customized to you and [pet’s name] and cover exam fees, vaccinations, blood screens and other services. They also include some great membership perks.  We’ll talk to you more about a plan that would be good for [insert pet’s name] when you’re here for your appointment, but do you have any questions in the meantime? 


<<<If no>>> 


Great! Feel free to look at our website for more information or give us a call back before your appointment. See you soon!”

Reception staff when pet owner checks in for checkup:


“I see [pet’s name] is here for [his/her] regular checkup. That’s great! But it looks like [he/she] isn’t enrolled yet in our new preventive care program – Petly Plans. If you enroll today, this whole visit could be included and you could get great perks, like unlimited nail trims, for free. Would you like to learn more?


<<<If yes>>>


Great! Take a look through our brochure and ask [insert tech or doctor name] any questions you might have during your appointment. Then I’ll touch base with you about it again when you check out. Have a great appointment!”

Reception staff when pet owner checks out:

“Today’s visit comes to [insert total amount due], but if you want to enroll [insert pet’s name] in a Petly Plan today, we will only be looking at the initial membership fee of [insert membership fee] and the first month’s payment of [insert first month payment amount].  Then, we’ll automatically draft your account each month.  Like I mentioned before, your monthly payment also includes some great membership perks like free nail trims, $10 copay for scheduled office visits and discounts on other services that are not listed on your plan.  May I sign you up today?”  


Medical team in appointment:


“Petly Plans are a great way for you to spread out the cost of the healthcare services that can help [insert pet’s name] live the longest, happiest life possible.  I would recommend the [insert plan choice] for [insert pet name] because it includes [insert key items for that pet].  Would you like to sign up today?”