Reporting and Payment Reconciliation Guide 

   Click on the PDF attachment below.  For screenshots and an easy-to-follow description of these top reports. This guide walks you through the most useful reports for reconciliation of your Petly Plans client payments. It includes reports within Petly Plans, and how to find statements from Authorize.Net and Platinum Payments.

Payment Transaction Reports (provided by Petly Plans)

Transaction Settlement – Summary Report 

View your Transaction Settlement Summary for any chosen month. In this report, you can see a summary of all transaction totals for each type of payment method (credit/debit card, bank account, external payment).


Transactions Report

Go to the Transactions Report to see plan by plan detail.


The Transactions Report also allows you to view transactions by day, view only unsuccessful transactions, or view all monthly transactions. With this customizable report, you can filter by payment method to differentiate credit/debit card payments, ACH payments, or cash payments. You can also see the status of each transaction.

This report is showing the same totals from the summary report, but with more detail. The benefit of the report is that it gives you more flexibility to filter and choose what works best for you!

Potential Payment Issues Report

The Potential Payment Issues Report shows scheduled payments for an upcoming month that will not process due to an issue. Petly Plans can foresee many of the reasons for a potential declined payment such as:

  • Expired credit card
  • Plan “on hold”
  • No selected payment profile
  • And more


    Tip: View this report 3-5 days before your clients’ auto-draft on the 20th of each month. This can help avoid declined transactions.


Outstanding Payments Report

The Outstanding Payments Report shows you a list of all unpaid payments as of today’s date.

The Outstanding Payments Report also allows you to filter any currently unpaid payments by payment method, client name, client ID, pet, or due date. With this customizable report, you can easily see what you have for outstanding client payments and act quickly resolve them.

    Tip: Run this report within the week following your auto-draft every month. This way, you can catch missed payments and follow up with the client to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Payment Reports (provided by your payment vendors)


Authorize.Net & eCheck.Net Statements

Your Authorize.Net and eCheck.Net statement (including deposits and fees) is accessible through your Authorize.Net Merchant Interface (MINT).

Important note: Only the account owner and added Authorize.Net users will have access to this report.

    To login:

  • Visit to enter your Login ID and
  • Password.
  • From the home page, scroll to the bottom of the page and select
  • “Statements” under the “Account” section.
  • The Billing Statement will show a line-item break down of Authorize.Net fees, including monthly fee, per transaction fee, per batch fee, and eCheck.Net fees (if applicable). Those fees are aggregated and billed on the 1st of each month. The transaction fees are billed for the previous month and the monthly fee is billed for the upcoming month.
  • The eCheck Settlement Statement will break down the total dollar value of each daily batch that has been processed, and then show the day those funds were pushed out to the bank account on file. The standard delay is 5-7 days.


    If you have any questions regarding your fees or account access, please don’t hesitate to call Authorize.Net Support at 877-447-3938 or email

    Tip: For proper support, please have your Gateway ID handy and ensure you are a user on the account. If you are not a listed user, the account owner can add you as a secondary user through the User Administration page within your merchant         interface.

Platinum Payments Statements 

Your Platinum Payments statement shows your deposits and fees for credit/debit card transactions. It can be viewed through your Platinum Payments Merchant Portal. 

Please be aware: If you elected to connect your Authorize.Net to a different merchant service provider, other than Platinum Payments, you will need to contact their team to access your statements for credit/debit card deposits and fees.

To access this portal:

                    Note: If you have never looked at this dashboard before, select “Need to Register.” You will then be prompted to enter the following:

  • Merchant ID
  • Last four digits of SSN/EID
  • Business (DBA) zip code
  • Merchant email address
  • Within this merchant portal you can view statements with itemized fees and deposit information.

If you have any questions about your statements or gaining access to this portal, please don’t hesitate to call Platinum Payments Support at 888-752-8644 or email