If a preset report deosn't fit your needs, you can create a transaction report using advanced filters.

  1. Place the mouse pointer over the Menu and select Reports > Transactions. The main Transactions Report page appears.
  2. Click the Build Custom Report button to display the Advanced Filters page.
  3. Narrow the report by entering one or more of the following criteria:
    1. Select one or more Transactions Status checkbox to view transactions with a specific status(s) or leave the checkboxes unchecked to view transactions with any status.
    2. Select one or more Transaction Initiation Method checkbox to view how a transaction was initiated for a payment(s).
    3. Within the Transaction Date area, select a Month & Year to view only transactions processed within the selected month and year, enter a Date Range to view transactions processed on or within the specified set of dates, or enter an Exact Date to view only transactions processed on a specific date.
    4. Select one or more Account Type checkbox to view transactions associated with a specific type of account.
  4. In the Columns to include area, select each column to display on the report.
  5. Note: Use the back to transaction report presets link to exit.
  6. Click the Generate Report button. A report displays information based on the criteria entered.
  7. When finished, click the Generate New Report button to return to the main Transactions Report page.