The PAYMENTS tab displays the client’s payment history for this plan.

The payment status can be one of the following:

  • Unpaid: The payment has not been charged or the last transaction was unsuccessful.
  • Paid: The latest transaction for the payment has been approved and settled or the payment was marked paid externally.
  • Canceled: The payment was annulled by a manager or administrator or the associated plan was cancelled.
  • Pending: The payment has a captured transaction that is awaiting approval.

The transaction status can be one of the following:

  • Captured: The transaction was approved and captured, and will be sent for settlement at the transaction cut-off time.
  • Chargeback (returned): The transaction, processed through the payment gateway, was manually updated to reflect its status in Authorize.Net. Any associated payment(s) is reverted to Unpaid.
  • Declined: The transaction was not approved at the processor. It cannot be captured and submitted for settlement.
  • Error: The transaction was not processed due to a general error.
  • Held for Review: The transaction was flagged and placed in a Pending Review state based on filters set in your Authorize.Net account. The transaction must be authorized by you within a set number of days or will be declined. See Authorize.Net for details.
  • Settled: The transaction was approved and settled. For bank accounts, a return is still possible.
  • Settled (returned): The transaction has been denied payment. This may occur if there are insufficient funds, an invalid account number, an AVS mismatch, an expired card, an account name mismatch, a closed account, etc.
  • Voided: The transaction was voided within the payment gateway by a practice administrator and will not be sent for settlement. No further actions can be taken.