Sync clients, pets, WP items and item usages to Petly Plans if using the IDEXX DataPoint agent.


Portal Settings

Syncs & Automation

Access: Admin > Syncs & Automation


The Syncs & Automation tab no longer has a quick sync option. Anytime you need to immediately sync Petly Plans with your practice management software, simply click the appropriate area to sync.



Client and Pet Search

Search Field

When you search for a client or pet, Petly Plans syncs with your practice management system and pulls any new or updated information for that client or pet into Petly Plans.



  1. In the Search bar, type a portion of or the full client or pet name. Petly Plans will display any matching results.
  2. If you do not see the client or pet, click the quick sync icon (circle arrows to the left of the search field). Petly Plans will sync and display matching results.


Note: If you attempt to perform a quick sync without information in the Search field, an alert will inform you that search criteria is required.



Client Summary Page

You can also sync client and pet information from the Client Summary page.




  1. Access the Client Summary page for a client.
  2. From the Client Administration drop-down list, select Sync Client and Pet(s). Petly Plans will perform a sync for the selected client and any related pet(s).